Mother Had Sex With Two Boys, 13 And 14, As REWARD To Trashing Love Rival’s Car



(The Sun By ALEX WEST) – A mum of five had sex with two boys aged 13 and 14 as a reward for trashing a love rival’s car, a court heard yesterday.

Trial ... Davina Travi yesterday

Scorned Davina Travi, 42, struck the deal after her lover dumped her.

She persuaded the boys to smash up his new girlfriend’s Peugeot 306. And they took her the number plate to prove they kept their part of the bargain, a jury heard.

Stephen Dent, prosecuting, told Bournemouth Crown Court: “Davina was as good as her word.

“She led one boy into the bedroom, had sex with him, kicked him out, then brought the second boy in and had sex.”

The younger one claimed he went back for sex a few days later.

Afterwards she allegedly sent them both sexual text messages — a total of 548 — while they were at school.

She used a secret code of three question marks if she wanted sex.

Travi, from Bournemouth, Dorset, denies sexual assault. The trial continues.