Mother Spent $15,000 To Hide ‘Ginger Afro’ – Bullies Still Torment Her 30 YEARS LATER



(The Sun) – A mother who was bullied at school because of her curly ginger hair is reliving her torment 30 years on — at the hands of faceless internet trolls.

Natalie Harvey, who has become victim of internet abuse over a childhood photo

Natalie Harvey, 35, was spat at and verbally abused by other pupils from the age of five because of her hair.

But the traumatic memories of her youth came back to haunt her when she posted a picture of herself as a child on Facebook and it began circulating on the internet.

She was immediately targeted by cruel cyber trolls and her Facebook and Twitter accounts were deluged with mean comments.

One vile tweet read: “I can’t wait to pull off your wig and reveal your ginger afro hair to everyone.”

Another added: “Wait until everyone sees your f****d up afro hair!”

The abuse became so bad that Natalie — who owns a range of wigs and rarely ventures out without wearing one — called the police.

They issued a verbal warning to one of her tormentors.

Natalie, who is married to sales manager Ian, 36, said: “I thought the bullying had stopped but then I began to get these Facebook and Twitter messages.

“They were saying such horrible things about my hair. They must have found a picture on a Facebook gallery from three years ago. It was just unbelievable.

“I couldn’t believe that I was getting bullied at the age of 35 through Twitter, from people on fake accounts.

“It was so personal and nasty and targeted directly at something that has affected me throughout my life.

“I think something has to be done about online security. I am an outwardly confident person but this has really affected me. I lost almost a stone through stress.

“At least at school I could turn round and see who was insulting me but this is so faceless. The bullies are able to hide behind their keyboards.”

Mum-of-one Natalie, from Nottingham, was first bullied at school when she was five years old and used to dread going into the playground and on the bus home.

She was called “microphone head”, “buzzy”, “Annie” and even “Yoda” by children who picked on her daily.