MSNBC Does Nothing While Jindal Attacked in Racist Comments

Friend of the Obama administration and MSNBC host Alex Wagner welcomed a guest on her show who proceeded to make racist remarks about Bobby Jindal, the current Republican governor of Louisiana.


The guest and founder of, Arsalan Iftiktar, claimed Governor Jindal is ashamed of his Indian heritage. During a dialogue with Wagner about the “no go zones” in France that Jindal referred to, said: “He might be trying to scrub some of the brown off his skin as he runs to the right in a Republican presidential exploratory bid.”


Wagner did nothing to condemn his remarks even though MSNBC later said he is no longer welcome on their network. They did not apologize for his comments. Ms. Wagner has yet to release a statement apologizing to Gov. Jindal.


Sign this petition asking MSNBC’s advertisers to drop their support for MSNBC until Ms. Wagner apologizes on-air for the comments of her guest. 


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