MSNBC Panel Conducts Suspicious, Hostile Grilling Of Small Business Owner Over Minimum Wage

News broke this week about a popular independent bookstore in San Francisco that is going out of business thanks to a citywide minimum wage hike that priced the owner out of business. Effectively, the minimum wage for this store’s employees was “raised” to zero, as they are losing their jobs.

On Thursday morning, the store’s owner Alan Beatts appeared on Morning Joe on MSNBC to discuss his decision to close and how the wage hike negatively impacted his business. The panel was, to say the least, skeptical.

The interview began with a hostile inquiry from Mika Brzezinski and only got worse from there, as Harold Ford and Mike Barnicle piled on, grilling the business owner with obvious disdain. It was abundantly clear throughout that only Joe Scarborough had even the slightest inclination to believe Beatts’ understanding of, and honesty about, his own business. It was especially apparent when Mika simply flat-out said that the guy was not being straight.

“That shouldn’t put you under,” said the noted accountant, before she later allowed that it was “complicated” and “more difficult than black and white.” Here is the full, cringe-worthy clip.