NBC’s Engel Promotes False Meme: Muslim Terrorism Started Because Of U.S. Support Of Israel

When asked by Chuck Todd on Sunday’s “Meet The Press” whether the drone program or the CIA enhanced-interrogation radicalized more Muslims, NBC Chief Foreign correspondent Richard Engle came up with a third and false option: Israel.

Todd: What’s creating more terrorists? The Bush interrogation program or Obama’s drone program?

Engel: Creating more terrorists?

Todd: Yeah.

Engel:  It’s very hard to know. People are radicalized —

Todd: There’s worry that both do that. That both can radicalize people.

Engel:   There’s a whole history of why people are being radicalized. It goes back to U.S. support for Israel, what’s considered to be a war against Islam. But the drone war is certainly part of it. The torture program is certainly part of it. I don’t know if you can say one is more influential and creating more of a problem than the other.

Perhaps Engel should consult his favorite history book. The first Palestinian terrorist group was the PLO, formed at the 1964 Arab League summit in Cairo. Its first terrorist attack (on the Israeli water system) was in January 1965.  

Before the Six Day War, France was Israel’s biggest benefactor.  It wasn’t until after the Six Day War that the U.S. began to realize the strategic importance of Israel. The Soviets were rearming the Arab states to better than pre-war levels. Israel’s air force, her first line of defense, was decimated. That’s when Prime Minister Levi Eshkol paid a visit to the LBJ ranch in Texas. American-made war planes first landed in Israel sometime in 1968. 

Therefore not only were the Palestinian Muslims radicalized before President Johnson began supporting Israel by selling her airplanes in 1968, but they were already committing terrorist acts before Israel took over Judea, Samaria and Gaza during the Six Day War of 1967.


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