Netanyahu: Palestinian Effort at U.S. Will Fail

On the eve of his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a coming “diplomatic offensive” against his country could backfire and fuel Islamic extremists in the Middle East.

Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel would oppose a move in the United Nations, where a Palestinian resolution calls for the end to “occupation” by 2016. He said the U.N. Security Council resolution to force Israel to withdraw to the 1967 lines will fail.

“Now we also face the possibility of a diplomatic offensive, an attempt to compel us by means of U.N. decisions to withdraw to the 1967 lines within two years. This will lead Islamic extremists to the outskirts of Tel Aviv and the heart of Jerusalem,” he told ministers at the weekly Cabinet meeting.

“We will not allow this. We will strongly and responsibly rebuff this. Let there be no doubt, this will be rejected,” he said.

Netanyahu’s comments come a day before he will fly to Rome to meet Kerry. The two will discuss the Palestinian plan, as well as a more moderate proposal by France, Germany and Britain. Kerry is then scheduled to fly to London to meet with a Palestinian delegation, and a delegation of foreign ministers from the Arab League.

Netanyahu said he will tell Kerry Israel “stands as a solitary island against the waves of Islamic extremism that are washing over the entire Middle East. Until now we have successfully withstood and repelled these attacks.”



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