New Bill Could Allow Oklahoma Schools To Offer Elective Bible Class

The state of Oklahoma will soon decide to pass a bill that would protect its public schools students from lawsuits if they decide to take an elective course on the Bible. 

Republican State Senator Kyle Loveless is presenting the bill in order to protect students’ First Amendment rights. 

The controversial curriculum is a project of Hobby Lobby founder Steve Green. His elective course was first offered to Oklahoma public school students back in 2014, but was canceled after lawsuits were threatened against the school district.

Sen. Loveless spoke with Fox News and explained that there was great interest from students in taking the course. There were only 20 spots available, yet 200 students tried to sign up. Despite the overwhelming response, school officials were forced to cancel the course after litigious threats poured in, citing violations of the separation of church and state. 

Loveless explained what his bill proposes:

Basically, it would give school districts flexibility to — if they wanted — to offer this class as an elective, [and] they would have protection from lawsuits. 

Loveless assured that Green’s course is not meant to proselytize the children or advocate Christianity, but is offered as a historical study of the Bible and its impact on society. He added that offering such a course is completely covered by the First Amendment.

Watch the segment below, via Fox News:




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