New UVA Frat Rules: No Keggers, ‘Security Personnel’ Required — Plus At Least 3 Sober Brothers

In the wake of a Rolling Stone article that has been mostly discredited, the University of Virginia has imposed new regulations on its fraternities that took effect on Friday.

The new rules for frat parties ban kegs, call for security personnel to be present and require that at least three brothers remain sober. More, the rules force frats to serve food and water at parties, have pre-printed guests lists of everyone attending and ban fruity punches that are spiked with alcohol.

Wait, there’s more: Fraternities are required to register their parties with the Inter Fraternity Council by 11:59 p.m. the Tuesday before. So-called “sober monitors” must also be on hand and, if wine is served, will be in charge of pouring the vino.

The new rules are in place for the spring semester, which began Jan. 12. Since the last two frats that had balked at the rules, Kappa Alpha and Alpha Tau Omega, have signed on, all Greek organizations at UVA are now bound by the regulations.

The push for more oversight came after Rolling Stone published a lengthy article alleging that a gang rape took place at a college frat. All frats’ social activities had been suspended after the November report. But since then, nearly all the allegations in the srticle have been discredited.


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