Newsy Now: March 3 (1300 GMT)

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Rescue workers are looking for survivors Saturday morning after tornadoes tore through the Midwest and South.

CNN reports at least 28 people were killed — 15 in Indiana, 12 in Kentucky and one in Ohio. The National Weather Service calls the series of storms an “outbreak.”

BP says it’s reached a $7.8 billion deal with a group suing the company over the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Euronews explains implications of the settlement.

“BP insists the deal is not an admission of liability. It further delays the first phase of the trial over the spill which was due to start on Monday.”

A leaked report says avoidable mistakes led to U.S. troops burning copies of the Quran in Afghanistan. The incident set off widespread riots. Al Jazeera reports…

“A new report details the chain of events that led U.S. soldiers to burn four copies of the Quran in Afghanistan. … The U.S. says it was a mistake, but Afghan officials are calling for the soldiers responsible to be prosecuted.”

The Syrian government tells the Red Cross mines and booby traps must be cleared for the humanitarian aid groups are allowed into the city of Baba Amr. The U.N. Secretary General has demanded they be let in. Here’s BBC News…

“I’m extremely disappointed that the U.N. emergency relief coordinator, Miss Valerie Amos, has not been able to travel to Syria despite repeated assurances.”

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