Newtown Families to Sue Bushmaster

CBS news is reporting that the families of some Newtown massacre victims will announce a class-action lawsuit against the maker, Bushmaster, of the “assault rifle” used by the shooter, Adam Lanza. The families have 24 months to take legal action, and that time frame is coming to an end.

None of the families are commenting on the lawsuit, but Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) is.

“Two years [have] passed and Congress has been complicit in the gun violence in this country by failing to act. And I share the frustration that may in part may underlie the reason for this legal redress,” said Blumenthal.

One attorney is doubtful the case will be successful.

New York attorney Robert Fellows says the bar is high.

“If you can prove that a manufacturer knew in some way that the gun would end up the hands of a proscribed purchaser, someone who shouldn’t have the gun, you might be able to show liability. But it is going to be very difficult,” he said.

The victim’s families have hired some powerful attorneys including Michael Jackson’s attorney Michael Koskoff and Karen Hinton, a former Clinton aide.



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