No, Trump Did NOT Lie About Trump University BBB Rating. Here’s The Proof.


I hadn’t updated this post with the final confirmation from the that Trump was telling the truth, with a bit of spin, because I covered it in other posts, on the show, and the matter was functionally settled. However, people have continued to hold onto this myth, and I expect it to come up repeatedly since Trump is now the nominee.

, March 8: During the period when appeared to be active in the marketplace, BBB received multiple customer complaints about this business. These complaints affected the , which was as low as D- in 2010. As the company appeared to be winding down, after 2013, no new complaints were reported. Complaints over three years old automatically rolled off of the Business Review, according to BBB policy. As a result, over time, Trump University’s BBB went to an A in July 2014 and then to an A+ in January 2015.

There … Trump was telling the truth, but spinning it to his advantage. As I originally wrote in the article below.

I’m really getting tired of defending the guy who isn’t my preferred candidate in this primary, but the feral anti-Trumpkins are continuously lying about him, and his record. Now I have to prove them all wrong on the Trump University BBB rating. It’s a lot of effort pointing out their hyperbole, and falsehoods. Frankly, it’s tiresome. I’m sure that’s the strategy though. Wear everyone who’s telling the truth down so your lies persist. Right Joseph Goebbels?

Here’s how this all went down:

Trump University came up in the last night. It has been marred with litigation and civil cases for some time now. In order to give the utterly unprovable ‘con man’ attack credibility, Trump’s opponents seized on Trump University’s legal trouble to illustrate that Trump was a con man in that business venture, and he’s still one now.

Before we get going on this … the BBB is about as credible a source for whether or not a business is good as a paid review on Yelp. The BBB has been widely known to be a ‘pay to play’ … dare I say it … scam for a long time. Seriously, spend some time Googling “BBB is a scam” and you’ll see what I mean.

Now that that’s out of the way …

Trump’s opponents, and Fox News moderators, asserted that Trump University had a D- with the BBB. Trump responded by saying it had an A+ rating. Well, which is it? I went to their website during that exchange to find out what the BBB website currently states (knowing I had something in my back pocket already). This is what you get:

bbb trump university

The BBB redirects you to The (formerly Trump University), and says there is no rating.  This right here is the extension of ‘research’ the Trump haters did in ‘fact-checking’ his claim.

Upon having no evidence of an from the BBB, Trump’s critics took to the interwebs to call him a liar.


In actuality, the school had fluctuated between an A+ and a D- rating. The most recent rating, in 2011 before the school was shut down, was a D-.

The Right Scoop:

Yes, TRUMP LIED about Trump University’s Better Business Bureau rating…

CBS News and Politifact:

According to a PolitiFact investigation, the BBB had given Trump’s school ratings ranging from an A+ to D-. But the most recent rating recorded, in 2010, was a “D-” rating.

Glenn Beck and company claimed that Trump lied today on his show too.

But did Trump actually lie?  No, he didn’t.

In politics, there’s a big difference between spin and lie.  Trump is not lying (I’ll get to that shortly), but he is spinning.  As are his opponents and critics.  The only lie here is coming from those saying Trump ‘lied’ on this issue.  Unless they’re just ignorant.  I’ll let you decide.

Trump University did, in fact, end with a from the BBB.  Trump’s assertion that it now has an A rating wasn’t able to be verified by going to the BBB website last night.  However, Trump did promise to give Megyn Kelly the A rating, and he did during a commercial break.

During a commercial break, Trump handed debate moderator Bret Baier a fax he received at the Detroit venue where the debate was held. Apparently, the fax contained updated BBB information, Trump posted a copy of the fax on Facebook, showing an ‘A’ grade from the BBB.

Here’s what Trump handed the moderators:

Notice the A rating is different than the screenshot of the BBB website I posted earlier that says ‘no rating.’  Obviously this must be a Photoshopped fraud from the obvious ‘con man’ right?  Wrong.

Here’s Megyn Kelly LONG after the debate was over ‘clarifying’ that Trump University, or rather Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, does have an A rating:

So now people think that Trump used a forgery to fool Megyn Kelly, and the few people who saw her clarify this point at 12:45 AM EST.

Trump has a real BBB rating that isn’t available publicly on their website.  That’s why people think he’s lying.  However, all one has to do is go back to February 28, 2016 to get the truth. That’s right, this was settled at least 5 DAYS AGO!

NBC News – Better Business Bureau: Trump Right on ‘A’ Rating — Mostly:

The BBB said a statement to NBC News on Sunday that Trump University currently has no rating because “the company is believed to be out of business.”

But when it was assessed by BBB Serving Metro New York, the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative — the name under which Trump University has most recently operated — had, indeed, gotten the BBB’s top rating in the past, it said.

In fact, according to the rating agency, Trump appears to have undersold things — at times in the past, his “university” had an A-plus rating.

So, is Trump lying?  Not at all.  Are his critics lying?  Not at all.  It’s pure political spin by all sides.

The BBB has issued a statement saying they are done getting involved in this (good luck with that) and did not verify or deny claims Trump’s rating went up or down after .

We are left with this … Trump’s critics have a D- from Trump University as the last published rating. Trump has an A rating from the Trump Entrepreneur Institute that came after Trump University.  The BBB has said they both went back and forth through the grading scale.  At the end of the day, both sides are spinning to win an election, but the latest actual grade we have confirmed by the BBB is an A for Trump Entrepreneur Institute.