Heilemann Falsely Claims GOP Becoming ‘Whiter,’ ‘More Blue Collar’ and ‘Less Well-Educated’


JOHN HEILEMANN, NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Yeah, and look, I mean, I think it’s an amazing thing in the sense that, you know, James and I were talking about this before. The Republican Party is becoming just truly is becoming a whiter, more blue collar, more populist, less well-educated party, and more and more a religious party. And they cater to that base and just in a systematic way are making it impossible for them to win national elections. They are, you know, driving first Hispanics out of the party. They’re driving women increasingly out of the party. And they find these places where they think they can get narrow advantage and then they go too far. And this is one of the instances that I think is, there’s a logic to it, but it’s a faulty logic.