NY Man Wins $5K In Civil Suit After Attacking Cops With Machete

Ruhim Ullah, 24, was shot by police officers in 2010 while waving an 18-inch blade at them and later sued the NYPD for $3 million. He was just awarded $5,000 in a settlement. 

According to the NY Post, Ullah pleaded guilty to the 2010 confrontation when an officer shot him in the leg, stopping him from attacking other officers. Despite a guilty plea, Ullah still went ahead with the civil suit that claimed wrongdoing in his arrest, ultimately winning the $5,000 settlement. 

“In light of all of the circumstances, the city concluded that this agreement to settle was in the city’s best interest,” said city Law Department spokesman Nick Paolucci.

One law enforcement source called the settlement “sickening” and believes that with Ullah’s admission of guilt, the civil suit should not have happened. 

“It’s sickening,” said the source. “This man pleaded guilty to a serious crime. That should have been enough to erase the civil suit.”

What really has members of law enforcement up in arms is that Ullah’s lawyer, Scott Cerbin, said about the case “This may have been a justified shooting,” but only after the city paid up. 

Al O’Leary, the spokesman for the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, called the lawsuit frivolous and says the city only forked over the money because it’s cheaper than bringing it to court.

“This is one of the many frivolous lawsuits that the city prefers to settle because it’s cheaper than defending it in court,” he said. “It’s bad for our officers, who often don’t even know that there is a lawsuit.”


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