Obama Channels Harry Reid’s ‘Taxes Are Voluntary’ To Finally Admit You Can’t Keep Your Doctor

The Obamanites have been attacking people like me for simply pointing out what was literally written in the law for years.

‘You Can Keep Your Doctor’: Obamacare’s Next Broken Promise? | TIME.com

“Many people are going to find out that the second part of the promise — that if you like your , you can keep your — just wasn’t true,” says Gail Wilensky, who directed the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs under President George H.W. Bush. Factcheck.org labeled the promise “misleading,” noting that while the law doesn’t contain provisions designed to force people to pick new doctors, a switch may be inevitable for some. “The President simply can’t make this promise to anyone,” the site wrote.

Obama: You Might Lose Your Doctor Under Obamacare | The Weekly Standard

President is warning Americans that they might have to change doctors because of :

Obama finally says you may lose your doctor, but that’s nothing the industry hasn’t already done for years. Obama and his acolytes argue that your employer could always choose a different provider network, and you could have lost your doctor. See, nothing new, move along. Wrong!

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That means if you like the plan you have, you can keep it.  If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too.  The only change you’ll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold.

Obviously, the President was being deceptive when he made that statement in 2009. Just as he’s being deceptive now.

The idea that losing your doctor under Obamacare is no different than losing your doctor before Obamacare is patently false.

Before the , if your current insurance provider dropped your doctor (or your doctor dropped them), you had the choice of changing insurance or paying cash to continue to see your chosen doctor. Under Obamacare, you don’t have that choice. Obama and his supporters argue that you do have that choice, you just get fined for exercising it. Please keep in mind that no private individual insurance plan meets the minimum Obamacare standards right now. You must get insurance from your employer, or the exchange in order to avoid the penalty.  The choice to lose your doctor or break the law is, in fact, no choice at all.

made this exact same argument when he said income taxes are voluntary.

Income taxes are not voluntary, they are mandated. Just like having an Obamacare compliant policy is today. Sure you can choose to not pay your taxes, or buy Obamacare compliant insurance. You’ll just be fined, and face possible jail time if you make that choice. Trust me, the IRS will find a way to threaten people with jail time to force compliance. The Supreme Court has ruled the penalty is a tax, and the IRS can toss you in jail for not paying taxes. It doesn’t matter what is, and is not, in the ACA on that matter.  Can’t wait for those court battles.

Bottom line is this: if Obamacare takes your doctor away from you, there’s nothing you can do to remain in compliance with the law.  That never existed before the ACA.  Therefore, saying there’s no difference in your provider moving your doctor out of network before and after Obamacare is intellectually dishonest, and disingenuous at best.