Obama: Don’t Forget, I Called For College Football Playoff In 2008

Tuesday, President Obama weighed in on the success of the first college football playoff, saying that the new playoff was actually something the two parties could agree on—and making sure to remind everyone that he’d called for it back in 2008.

In the comments—in part directed to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)—the president took a moment to congratulate Ohio State for its 42-20 win over Oregon Monday night. The playoff, he joked, was a rare bipartisan issue, and his idea to begin with:

To the speaker, I just want to point out I said there are going to be some things that we agree on. Having a college football playoff is clearly something that we can agree on. I called for it when I came into office. I think it turned out pretty well, particularly for Ohio. So I want to congratulate the Ohio State Buckeyes for their outstanding victory and commend Oregon as well for fielding a great team because their quarterback [Marcus Mariota] is from my original home state of Hawaii.

Transcript via AP.


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