Obama Hates Native Americans

The Blaze:

President Barack Obama says that if he owned the Washington Redskins, he would “think about changing” the team name, wading into the controversy over a football nickname that many people deem offensive to Native Americans.

No doubt, there’s a few native Americans who are offended by the name, but the vast majority of the outrage is coming from pasty-ass white people who make it a point to be professionally offended for other people who may not realize they are being ‘wronged.’

That, in and of itself, is disrespectful to Native Americans.

For my readers outside of Michiana, this issue is big here. We discuss it all the time, and have a large Native American population here. I’m also from Las Vegas. Another place with a large Native American population. I also have Native American family, both by blood and marriage. So this is an issue I’m somewhat familiar with.

Most Native Americans I’ve spoken to about this issue are actually offended at those who are ‘offended’ and calling for names like this to be changed. They see it as a racist attempt to remove any public acknowledgement that Native Americans even exist. It’s an attempt to strip them of respect and pride that has been bestowed upon them by others.

They understand, and are appreciative of, the fact that teams use Native American naming as a sign of respect, and honor. That those teams are elevating Native Americans to a position of honor, strength, and admiration.

To force that to be taken away is often seen as a racist slight disguised as ‘tolerance.’