Obama Released Nuclear Terrorist Back to Afghanistan

Mohammed Zahir was released form his prison cell in Guantanamo Bay in December and was sent directly back to the battlefield in Afghanistan, his home country.

Zahir was one of four prisoners released who were considered “low threats” in a sign of good faith with Afghan President¬†Ashraf Ghani, as reported by The New York Times. The report states that the four men aren’t expected to receive further detainment once they reached Afghanistan.

But according to WikiLeaks documents, Zahir was caught with a sealed can of “Heavy Water – U235 150 Grams.” Translated from Russian, that means he was in possession of uranium and admitted it was to be used in making an atom bomb. Other items found during the search of his property linked him directly to Taliban and extremist networks, including recruitment materials.¬†

Also discovered was a book documenting 50,000 metric tons of “sugar” having been shipped to Washington, D.C., and the United Kingdom with stops in Brazil and other international sea ports. It is noted that “sugar” is code for heroin trafficking.

Zahir claimed that he was “just a teacher” and was set up by the Taliban. But no matter, he is now free thanks to President Obama keeping his promise to close Gitmo once and for all.

In December, a statement released by the Pentagon said:

[T]he United States has full confidence in the ability of the Afghan government to mitigate any threats that may be posed by these individuals, and to ensure humane treatment. The Afghan government, including its judiciary and security forces, is fully prepared to repatriate these detainees in a responsible manner.

So that should lend some comfort.


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