Obama Reviews Himself: ‘America Has a New Foundation’

As revealed in his weekly address Saturday, President Obama, looking back over his tenure, gloried in America’s “new foundation” saying, “Pick any metric you want – America’s resurgence is real.”

With all thanks to his policies, and “your efforts” of course, Obama took stock of the various ways America’s “new foundation” was laid. Here are a few of his favorite things:

  • More jobs
  • More insured
  • Higher wages
  • Booming energy
  • Shrinking deficits (by “about two-thirds”)
  • Manufacturing growth
  • Drop in gas prices
  • The federal “rescue” and subsequent salvation of the auto industry
  • War is over
  • Leading the world against ISIS, Ebola, climate change
  • A “new page” with Cuba

And for an even more winning future, Obama said that he “looks forward” to working with the new Congress but didn’t fail in promising to “act on [his] own when it’s necessary.”

The president ended his address by looking to the New Year — with the darker promise to use his last two years in office to “seize a new American moment”:

Because thanks to your efforts, a new foundation is laid. A new future is ready to be written. We have set the stage for a new American moment, and I’m going to spend every minute of my last two years making sure we seize it.


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