Obama’s ‘Free’ College to Cost $60 Billion

President Obama recently announced a plan to provide two years of tuition-free community college, but he qualifies that statement by saying, “Now, there are no free rides in America.”

That’s a good thing to say, because according to White House estimates, this “free” college is going to cost federal taxpayers $60 billion over ten years. Add to that the $20 billion the states will need to provide, and now the grand total equals $80 billion, as was noted in The Washington Examiner.

Obama is slated to provide a cost breakdown for this plan in next month’s budget and he is expected to talk more about this during his upcoming State of the Union address.

Townhall.com discussed this Friday in an article titled, “Six Things Obama Didn’t Tell You About His ‘Free’ College Tuition Plan.”

Besides it not being free after all, it is noted that community colleges will be drowned in red tape as each school will undoubtedly be put through the rigmarole of endless federal paperwork.

There are also these factors about the failures of education nationwide: high schoolers are already ill-prepared when they enter community college and find themselves taking remedial courses, thus causing Obama’s plan to essentially become “nationally funded 6-year high schools.” Plus, the track records of those colleges show failure in students completing the courses the voluntarily signed up for.

Two other factors noted by TownHall would be government subsidized college actually driving the cost of tuition at those colleges and ultimately choke out private sector solutions.

But as The Examiner points out, Obama will surely meet resistance as he faces a new, Republican Congress who believe this decision belongs to the individual states.

Of course, there’s always the executive order.


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