Obama’s Presidency Summed Up In One Cartoon

The Obama administration has been long-determined to win the hearts and minds of America’s youth by utilizing a potent tool to reach them where they live — social media.

Whether it’s through the White House Instagram feed, Facebook, or the president’s own messages (signed BO) on Twitter, Obama has made a name as “the first social media president.” Even recently, YouTube promoted Obama’s “greatest hits” featured on their site inviting all to watch as “the Obama family takes on YouTube.”

And this is why days after his State of the Union address, Obama sat down with YouTube “stars” to answer the most pressing questions on Millennials’ minds. Recall one of the selected few that got a chance to personally interview the president: GloZell, the green-lipped YouTuber who once dramatically scarfed down a spoonful of raw cinnamon and bathed in a tub full of children’s cereal and milk.

Summing-up the absurdity of allowing such a meeting to even take place is political cartoonist Glenn McCoy, who eloquently bottom-lined in the following cartoon what exactly a social media president truly looks like:

This is not McCoy’s first devastating depiction of the current president. Here are a few more potent works from his collection:


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