Ohio Dem, Catholic, Now Pro-Abortion

Writing in the Akron Beacon Journal, Rep. Tim Ryan, a Catholic Democrat who represents the 13th U.S. House District, stated that he changed his mind on abortion and now supports the practice. Ryan wrote, “… over the past 14 years in political office, I have gained a deeper understanding of the complexities and emotions that accompany the difficult decisions that women and families make when confronted with these situations.”

True to form for those who support abortion, Ryan concentrates on the women who undergo the procedure, with nary a mention of the child they carry. He laments the “woman who became pregnant and has a violent spouse; the woman who lost her job and is unable to afford another child; or the underage girl worried she’ll be thrown out of her house if she reveals her pregnancy.”

Strangely enough, the representative from the party of bigger government somehow has problems with the government saying no to murdering children; he states, “one thing has become abundantly clear to me: the heavy hand of government must not make this decision for women and families … No federal or state law banning abortion can honestly and fairly take into account the various circumstances that make each decision unique.”

And then, of course, some other excuses for infanticide come to mind: “Some couples are unprepared to become parents at that moment, and some families who are looking forward to a child may experience complications during the pregnancy.” Whoops, if you’re unprepared to become a parent, just get rid of the kid.

Ryan concludes, “Today, I am a 41-year-old father and husband whose feelings on this issue have changed. I have come a long way since being a single, 26-year-old state senator, and I am not afraid to say that my position has evolved as my experiences have broadened, deepened and become more personal … I have come to believe that we must trust women and families — not politicians — to make the best decision for their lives.”

See any mention of the child? Guess not.



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