One Man Helps Save THIRTY LIVES – His Kidney Donation Starts Longest Ever Organ Transplant Chain



(Daily Mail By MARK DUELL) – A healthy 44-year-old yoga fan in Riverside, California, never knew he would help a renal disease sufferer in Joliet, Illinois, four months later.

Longest ever organ transplant chain

But Rick Ruzzamenti and Donald Terry, 47, are the start and end of an astonishing 60-person chain of kidney transplants, setting a world record.

Mr Ruzzamenti’s kind donation last August began a chain that saw 30 donors give kidneys to 30 strangers who could have died without one.

His kidney was taken to Livingston, New Jersey, where it was given to a 66-year-old man, whose niece had originally wanted to donate to him.

But her blood type didn’t match – so she donated hers to a woman in Madison, Wisconsin, after Mr Ruzzamenti’s gift, and the chain continued.

The Good Samaritan went through rounds of psychological and medical tests before he could donate a kidney, reported the New York Times.

‘People think it’s so odd that I’m donating a kidney,’ he told a hospital transplant coordinator. ‘I think it’s so odd that they think it’s so odd.’

The Buddhist man got the idea after a worker at his yoga studio said she donated a kidney to an ill friend she bumped into at a Target store.

His donation kicked off a widespread four-month chain of 17 hospitals across 11 states that ended with Mr Terry, reported the New York Times.

‘People think it’s so odd that I’m donating a kidney. I think it’s so odd that they think it’s so odd’

Rick Ruzzamenti

Mr Terry was in terrible pain and facing a five-year wait for a kidney as nobody in his family was willing or able to give him one of theirs.

But he was saved by the chain from Riverside Community Hospital that ended at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois.

There were amazing stories on the way, such as the Michigan man who gave his ex-girlfriend a kidney for the sake of their little daughter.

And a woman from Canada gave her kidney to her fifth cousin in New York, after unintentionally meeting him in Italy, reported the New York Times.