OSU Dorm Provides Definitions Of ‘Identity, Privilege, Social Justice’

Signs posted inside the lobby of Ohio State University’s Park-Stradley dormitory provide residents with very specific definitions of the terms “diversity,” “social justice,” “identity,” and “privilege.” 

Above the pronouncement, “All Are Welcome,” the terms are defined as such:

  • Diversity — The presence of difference
  • Social Justice — The process of equitable distribution of resources, equal access to resources and participation from all members of society.
  • Identity — Aspects and characteristics that we use to define ourselves or that society uses to define us
  • Privilege — Unearned, unasked for and often invisible benefits and advantages that are readily available to dominant identity groups

Curious as to why these definitions should warrant such a prominent place on the walls of the campus, one attentive OSU student, Justin Carr, took pictures and provided them to TruthRevolt:


In a comment posted to Twitter, Carr said:


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