(Daily Mail) – A 46-year-old man and his two adult step-daughters have been jailed for child neglect after they were founding living in a filthy trailer home with nine children.

Kelly Frano Blake Frano mug shots

Police investigating a car break-in discovered 14 people living in the three-bedroom Orange County, Florida trailer, littered with trash, infested with roaches and with no running water.

Felix Frano, 46, and his wife’s daughter’s Kelly Frano, 39, and Blake Frano, 20, were taken into custody. The children were temporarily placed with their paternal uncle.

As local WTFV reports, authorities discovered the children living in the home on Friday and arrested the Franos.

Felix Frano is accused of five counts of child neglect. Sisters Kelly and Blake Frano were charged with two and three counts of neglect, respectively. They were released on bail on Saturday.

Family friend Gloria Ford told WFTV nine children belong to the two sisters that were arrested and another sister that was not home at the time. 

As the station reports, the children’s grandmother said In an affidavit  she was forced to live in a shed outside the house because the conditions inside were so bad. Ms Ford disputed the claim.

Blake Frano’s husband, Justin Cain, 26, also lived in the trailer. He was not charged at press time although the state attorney’s office had not ruled it out. 

Forty-six-year-old Frano told deputies the family relied on food stamps and did not pay rent.

A spokesman for the Florida Department of Children and Families called conditions in the home ‘deplorable’. The trailer has since been condemned by Orange County.

An Orange County code-enforcement officer said in addition to garbage littering rooms and infestation, floors were rotten and at risk of caving in.

Electrical wires were also exposed and there are holes in the walls; and a knife was found in reach of the children. 

Agents are working to place the children with other relatives.