Planned Parenthood Celebrates ’14 Victories’ in 2014

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood is sharing “14 victories in ’14” for women’s health and rights and thanking its supporters for making it possible.

First on the list is Planned Parenthood’s celebration of “a lovely two-year anniversary with Obamacare” — giving over 48 million women birth control with no co-pay, saving them hundreds of millions of dollars.

Volunteers and activists made several appearances on the list for rallying support, knocking on millions of doors, making millions of phone calls, signing petitions against Hobby Lobby and even getting NBC to proudly air ads for the pro-abortion comedy movie Obvious Child without censoring the word “abortion.” A “hoorah” moment for PP.

2014 was a year of political victories for abortionists. Planned Parenthood pointed to the wins in several states’ court battles that resulted in protections of abortion rights. These included access to abortion pills, striking down mandatory ultrasounds, and the rejection of personhood classification for human beings.

“But not every victory was so serious. Some victories were plain fun,” PP declared.

Like number 14 — the Lena Dunham “star-studded T-shirt campaign” which included Dunham’s “famous friends,” like Amy Pohler and Sarah Silverman, taking selfies in their “Lena Loves Planned Parenthood” T-shirts. (Dunham’s selfie was sans T-shirt, to no one’s surprise.)

Though Planned Parenthood is celebrating its victories in 2014, they make no bones about what they intend on doing in the New Year, promising, “When the fight gets harder, we get fiercer:”

Now that our opponents have taken control of Congress, we’ve got a lot of work ahead in 2015 to protect women’s health and rights. It’s going to take everything we’ve got to fight back. In the coming year, we can expect more attacks on the women, men, and young people who rely on Planned Parenthood for compassionate, affordable health care.

(For those not paying attention to the language of the left — Being against Planned Parenthood = NOT compassionate)


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