Police Body Cam Records Moment Officer Saves Childs Life

Surveillance video at Green Valley Grocery in Mesquite, Nevada caught Officer Quinn Averett, an off duty police officer giving a little child the reverse-Heimlich maneuver saving the child’s life.

When a couple ran into the store with a three year old boy who couldn’t breather after the boy swallowed a piece of candy, the stores owner Ray Sanchez called 9/11.  But Quinn Averett was only a block away when he heard the call and quickly responded. 

During the Heimlich, Averett’s police body-cam was accidently turned on and caught the moment the boy began to breath. 

A few days later at the police station where Averett works, a tearful reunion took place. 

“When I saw him, I just started crying,” said Mariana Cardiel, the boys mother.

“I cried a little bit because it really touched me, because I have children of my own,” Officer Averett said.

Next month, Averett will be receiving a life-saving award for his actions. 



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