Fake Hate: Police Say Gay YouTube Star Faked Hate Crime

One of the regular segments of my show is highlighting fake hate. Nearly all of the ‘hate crimes’ over the past several years that go viral have ended up being fabricated hoaxes designed to push a false victim narrative while peddling hate themselves. Real victims rarely seek out publicity, and they almost never set up GoFundMe pages.

Yet another example …

[contentcards url=”http://www.advocate.com//2016/6/28/weho-sheriff-says-gay-youtuber--hate-” target=”_blank”]

Learn the lesson here. If you see a ‘’ story in the media, don’t automatically believe it.

Also, don’t believe everything in a story that isn’t citing a legitimate source with links. Here’s why …

people are the minority group most likely to be targeted for hate crimes, according to . So there are a lot more real stories than fictional.”

Oh really? That was in the same article. Of course, no citation was made, and my background already tells me it’s bogus. Challenge accepted!

An analysis of data for victims of single-bias hate crime incidents showed that:

48.3 percent of the victims were targeted because of the offenders’ bias against race.
18.7 percent were targeted because of bias against sexual orientation.
17.1 percent were victimized because of bias against religion.
12.3 percent were victimized because of bias against ethnicity.
1.6 percent were victims of gender-identity bias.
1.4 percent were targeted because of bias against disability.
0.6 percent (40 individuals) were victims of gender bias. (Based on Table 1.)


That’s 2014 data on the FBI’s website.

It should be noted that the FBI’s data has some problems with regards to racial bias hate crimes. You see, a lot of hate crimes committed against whites don’t get categorized as hate crimes. There are also very few hate crimes committed in the US, but you wouldn’t no it based on media hype. With that said, we aren’t talking about that necessarily. The author of this article stated FBI data shows LGBT people are the most targeted for hate crimes.

As you can see, hate crimes based on race occur nearly twice as much as those directed towards LGBT victims. So race, not sexual orientation leads the pack in hate crimes.

I’d still like to remind you that Americans rank as one of the least racist people on the planet.

Many will like say that hate crimes based on race shouldn’t be all inclusive. Each individual race counts as a minority group (minus white people, of course), while LGBT is its own group. They could argue that the LGBT group is targeted more than any other individual group (i.e. Blacks, Hispanics, etc.). However, that still isn’t true.

Among single-bias hate crime incidents in 2014, there were 3,227 victims of racially motivated hate crime.

Of the 1,248 victims targeted due to sexual-orientation bias.

You have to subtract 1.5% from the sexual-orientation bracket because they were hate crimes against heterosexuals, and don’t count as LGBT hate crimes. The new number is 1,229 total victims of anti-LGBT hate crimes in 2014.

Meanwhile, 62.7% of racial hate crimes were committed against blacks. That’s 2,023 of the 3.227 racially motivated hate crimes.

There were 794 more hate crimes just against blacks in 2014 than there were against the entire LGBT community.

Even if you added all 109 gender identity hate crime victims to expand LGBT to LGBTQ you still are well short of the hate crimes experienced by just blacks.

Any way you cut it, the article’s assertion that the LGBT community is the most targeted minority group for hate crimes is patently false.

Exit question: Is this gay guy threatening to shoot Republican Senators a hate crime?