Poll: 60% Of Republicans Want Boehner Out As Speaker

As the new Congress prepares to convene and elect a new speaker, a recently released telephone survey reveals that 60 percent of Republican voters want to give current speaker John Boehner the boot and bring in some new blood. 

Conducted by conservative pollster Pat Caddell, the poll shows that just 25 percent of Republican voters are in favor of keeping Boehner as speaker. As noted by Conservative Review, no major party leader has polled this low among their own base unless “embroiled in a major scandal,” which essentially means that House Republicans set to vote on Tuesday will have much explaining to do should they decide to disappoint their constituents yet again. 

Furthermore, when voters were asked whether or not they felt Boehner had been ineffective opposing President Obama’s agenda, a whopping 64 percent agreed he had been ineffective.

Democrats have already shown they’re in favor of keeping the status-quo, having already re-elected Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as minority leaders to the House and Senate. Will Republicans follow their lead or shake up the establishment? 


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