Pope Francis: Willfully Not Having Children Is Selfish

Addressing his daily general audience Wednesday, Pope Francis decried modern civilization’s view of children as inconveniences to be avoided, saying that such a society is “without honor” while plagued by “empty and greedy” people. 

“Young people in such a society are empty and greedy,” said Pope Francis. “And a society that’s stingy in reproducing itself; that doesn’t love being surrounded by children; and considers them to be a worry, a burden, a risk; is a depressed society.”

Citing Western Europe’s extremely low birthrate as an example of a “depressed society,” the Holy Father went on to condemn society’s prevailing view that large families become a burden to society, saying they are “a gift of God.”

“Children are the joy of family and society,” he continued. “They are not a problem of reproductive biology, or one of many ways to realize oneself in life. Let alone their parent’s possession. Children are a gift. Do you understand? Children are a gift!”

In yet another knock to progressives, Pope Francis, once again, cited Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s famous encyclical condemning contraception, as the proper guide for Catholics as to how they should regard children and responsible reproduction through Natural Family Planning.


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