Prince Charles: People Need To 'Eat Healthy Diets' To Cure 'Sick' Planet

Finally, an authoritative source who has the real solution to end “climate change.”

Prince Charles, declaring the the United Nations and World Bank agree that climate change is real, also said that if humanity as a whole would just take a walk now and then, boom, Planet Earth saved.

“Taking a more active approach to transport by walking and cycling and adopting healthy diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduce rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer and more, saving lives and money,” the prince said to health experts at the Royal Society in London.

These “actions,” he said, “are good for the planet [and] also good for human health.”

“Reductions in air pollution also result – with separate and additional benefits to human health. A healthy planet and healthy people are two sides of the same coin.”

The prince got poetic as her talked about the state of the planet, comparing Earth to a “sick patient” and warning it could face its “death certificate” at the hands of climate change.

 “Failure to write the prescription, however, might leave us contemplating the death certificate instead. So, my fervent hope is that you can find the means to make the difference that our world so desperately needs.”

It’s no coincidence his initals are PC.



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