Pro-Israel Student Activist Chloe Valdary Receives Death Threat

Pro-Israel student activist Chloe Valdary received a death threat via a YouTube video titled “Pro Israel Chloe Valdary Murdered!”

The brief video was posted Dec. 31 by “Jackson Carter.” Beneath Carter’s post is the following statement: 

Rest in peace Chloe Valdary, no way burn in hell be’ yatch. You make me black and ashamed. If there is any justice in the world you’ll get yours and then some! 

The six-second video features ominous images, including a woman lying in a hospital bed, the words “Bang ya dead!” and a photo of Valdary holding an Israeli flag. It ends with the statement “The Planetary Patriot is here.” (The epithet “Planetary Patriot” appears in some of his other videos.)

Lines from a film, saying “I count six shots, nigga” and “I count two guns, nigga,” play as the images scroll by. 

Carter’s YouTube channel features several other unsettling videos with anti-Israel and misogynistic themes, including videos on the “Pretty Little Monsters of the IDF” and the “Anti Arab Zionist Media.”  

Valdary told TruthRevolt that she has contacted the police to report the threat. 


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