Product Review: Midnight Moon Blueberry Moonshine

I figured I’d start doing product reviews on my website again.  I used to do them on my old site, and they were pretty popular. Everyone is always asking me my opinion on products because of my reputation for only endorsing the best.  I hope this is the first in a regular series of reviews.

The reviews that I do on this site will not be paid endorsements.  I am simply doing this for the information of my listening audience, who for some reason, values my opinion.


Junior Johnson’s Midnight has intrigued me for some time now, and I’ve been wanting to give it a go.

I’d read several reviews that said the plain moonshine from Junior Johnson was not good, but that the flavored varieties were.  I went to the store to pick some up, and they had the apple pie and flavors.  I’m a bit of a freak, so that was the natural choice for me.


The comes in a mason jar, which is awesome.  I’ve been drinking out of mason jars instead of glasses for years.  Just dig the look. It also has a bunch of blueberries in it.  The store clerk actually recommended that I fish the blueberries out, and fill it back up with new ones for a steady supply of booze fruit.

I filled up half my mason jar to down some , and got to it.

It smells like rubbing , burns going down (as it should somewhat), but it is REALLY sweet.  It’s a straight up assault on your senses.  My wife was not a fan.

I managed to get through my first serving, but the sweetness was getting to me.  I like scotch and bourbon, so I love a drink with some strength, but I don’t have a sweet tooth at all.

All in all, I was thinking it was ok, and would consider trying the apple in the future.  Then I had me an idea.  Mix that stuff with Sprite or 7 up.


I got my mason jar.

I got my mason jar.


Then I got my hooch and 7 up.

Then I got my hooch and 7 up.


Added a little 7 up.

Added a little 7 up.


Doubled it with moonshine.

Doubled it with moonshine.


Then added another dose of 7 up.

Then added another dose of 7 up.


Basically it’s a 1/3 shine recipe.

Now we were cookin!

This stuff was meant to be mixed. You still get a really stiff drink, but not nearly the amount of sweet (which I like). I made a slightly weaker version for the wife, and she digs it too.

While straight up is drinkable, Midnight Moon Blueberry Moonshine is born to be mixed with a neutral beverage.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars.


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