Quinnipiac: Opinion of Al Sharpton Hits Record Low

A new Quinnipiac survey of the opinion of New Yorkers on the actions of the standoff between the NYPD and Mayor Bill de Blasio found that opinion of civil rights activist and MNSBC host Al Sharpton had reached an all-time low and a majority viewed him as being a “mostly negative force” in the city.

In what Quinnipiac says is “his lowest score ever” for their polling, Sharpton was viewed negatively by a majority of New Yorkers, scoring a dismal 29/53% favorability rating, with a majority deeming him a “mostly negative force in the city” by his worst percentage yet:

Rev. Al Sharpton gets a negative 29 – 53 percent favorability, his lowest score ever, and voters say 51 – 37 percent that he is a mostly negative force in the city, also his worst score. Rev. Sharpton has too much influence with Mayor de Blasio, 37 percent of voters say, while 8 percent say he has too little influence and 34 percent say his influence is about right.

The poll assessed multiple aspects of the NYPD-de Blasio conflict, finding that New York voters overwhelmingly disapproved of officers turning their backs on the mayor. 69/27%. New Yorkers also generally reprimanded police union head Patrick Lynch for his comments that de Blasio had “blood on his hands,” agreeing it was “too extreme” 77/17% and holding negative view of him overall (18/39%). 

Though voters largely disapproved of the acts of protest by many officers, a majority still approved of the job police were doing citywide:

New York City voters approve 56 – 37 percent of the job police citywide are doing, compared to 51 – 41 percent December 17. Approval today is 66 – 28 percent among white voters and 54 – 36 percent among Hispanic voters, while black voters disapprove 54 – 41 percent. Voters approve 71 – 25 percent of the job police in their community are doing.

New York voters evenly blamed de Blasio and the police force for the “generally bad” relations between the two, with 45% saying de Blasio was to blame while 43% blamed police. Among racial demographics, however, the weight of the blame was pronounced:

Relations between Mayor de Blasio and the police are “generally bad,” voters say 77 – 15 percent. Of those who say “bad,” 45 percent of voters say de Blasio is to blame, while 43 percent blame police. White voters blame de Blasio 61 – 30 percent and black voters blame police 69 – 16 percent. Hispanic voters are divided with 45 percent blaming the mayor and 42 percent blaming police.


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