QVC Hosts Debate Whether The Moon Is a Planet or a Star

The hosts on home shopping channel QVC often find themselves filling time as the clock on the current special sale clicks away. Engaging in humorous and entertaining improvisational dialog can be difficult at times and one never knows where the conversation might meander. 

Witness the conversation earlier this week featuring QVC host Jane Treacy and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi they try to describe an indescribable pattern on a line of cardigans they were featuring: 

Jane Treacy: It almost kind of looks like what the earth looks like when you’re a bahzillion miles away from the planet moon.

Isaac Mizrahi: Yes, I just squinted at it

Treacy:  The planet moon. From the moon looking back at the earth

Mizrahi: From the planet moon. from the planet moon…

Treacy:  Isn’t the moon a star?

Mizrahi: No, the moon is a planet, darling.

Treacy:  The sun is a star. Is the moon really a planet?

Mizrahi: Well, the moon is a planet, honey. It’s a planet —

Treacy:  Don’t look at me like that. The sun Is a star. Is the sun not a star?

Mizrahi: I don’t know what the sun is.

Treacy:  The sun is a star, isn’t it?

Mizrahi: We don’t know what the sun is.

(together) The sun is a star.

Treacy:  The moon is not a planet.

Mizrahi: The moon is a planet!

Treacy:  I knew it! I knew it!

Mizrahi: Excuse me?

Treacy:  You were trying to take me down that road. The moon is not a planet!

Mizrahi: Excuse me, Chunky?

For the record, the garment is officially called the “Cherry Blossom Print Boyfriend Cardigan” and has absolutely nothing to do with heavenly bodies of any kind.  


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