Radio Host Banned By Facebook For Posting The Same Anti-Police Picture Black Lives Matter Activists Were Allowed To Post

has me yet again. This time it’s not for rabbits eating fruit (no, I’m not joking).

The following was posted on Facebook by the Dallas murderer in a black power group. 2016-07-10 18-39-55

As you can see, they removed the picture when I posted it. I was also banned for a day from posting on Facebook. 2016-07-10 18-40-43

This is all quite ironic since this picture had been reported to Facebook by, at least, dozens of people. Facebook had refused to remove it saying it did not violate their community standards.

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The reason I posted the image in the first place is because a rally was being held in South Bend, IN on Saturday, July 9. One of the rally organizers posted that picture on the rally’s event page. Naturally, this was concerning. My radio station’s local news partner, ABC 57 News, did a story on it, and confronted him about it … he laughed.

The rally was peaceful, thank God, but arrests were made prior to the rally because people were threatening violence against , whites, and our community.

Just so we are clear … The Dallas murderer posted this image, numerous activists posted it, a Black Lives Matter rally organizer posted it on the official Facebook event page, and Facebook repeatedly told users across the nation, and many of my listeners, that the photo did not violate community standards. Yet, the moment a conservative posts it, it gets removed, and I’m banned?

Someone needs to ask Glenn Beck (we are an affiliate of his show) if “Facebook is behaving appropriately and trying to do the right thing” in this circumstance.

At the time of the writing of this, I don’t know if I’m the only one being punished by Facebook, or if they’ve started to remove the BLM posts of the same image too. Regardless, banning users for posting something Facebook has publicly indicated was allowable is asinine.