Radio Host Barred From Monetizing YouTube Video Of Debbie Wasserman Schultz


On June 1, 2017 I did a segment on my radio show about how Debbie Wasserman Schultz admitted to violating congressional cybersecurity rules by using Dropbox. This is a part of the congressional record, is fact, and is undeniable. Again, this happened in Congress.

Given that she is embroiled in a criminal investigation involving her employee, and she’s threatened the Capital Police chief over this same investigation, her failure to adhere to congressional cybersecurity rules is a legitimate story. Especially since lack of security at the DNC when she was Chair led to the WikiLeaks email saga during the campaign.

I’d also like to point out that my show airs on FM radio (in case you didn’t know), and is not an unregulated . This broadcast met all requirements set forth by the FCC. I did not do, or say, anything that could be considered offensive by any reasonable person. I merely covered the facts of the story, and provided my opinion on it.

I take many of my podcasts from my radio show, and upload them to YouTube in case listeners prefer to listen to the podcasts on that platform. That’s exactly what I did with this podcast from my show. You can listen to the segment below.

Segment is the first 23 minutes.

Today I got this email from :

Uh huh. It doesn’t violate their community guidelines.

In fact, a lot of conservatives who’ve had their throttled by YouTube lately haven’t violated their community guidelines either.

When YouTube started promoting their new restrictions they said it was an effort to restrict hate speech from making money (for the user, YouTube still gets theirs).

Let’s run through the things YouTube said would get you banned from monetization:

If you want to run YouTube ads, you must refrain from publishing:

  • Sexually suggestive content, including partial nudity or sexual humor
  • Violence, include display of serious injury and event related to violent extremism
  • Inappropriate language, including harassment, swearing, and vulgar language
  • Promotion of drugs, regulated substances, including selling, use and abuse of such items
  • Controversial or sensitive subject and event, including subject related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.

Let’s run through the list, shall we?

Nothing sexual, no violence, no swearing, no harassment, no promotion of drugs, no controversial or sensitive material, and no graphic imagery. Again, this was an FCC compliant radio broadcast on FM radio. According to YouTube’s own standards, I’m in the clear.

I have submitted a dispute, but don’t hold out much hope of getting this overturned. Interestingly enough, I just watched the video and ads are still playing. I’m not sure if those ads will be removed, or if YouTube will still keep them on my video, but just not allow me to earn any commission on them.