Rapper’s Run In With Cops Proves We Need To Start Teaching The Constitution Again

Had they actually been taught the , they might understand probable cause.

Rapper and His Entourage Use Unlikely Legal Weapon When Faced with Arrest (It Didn’t Work) | TheBlaze.com.

When and his entourage were pulled over last week for a busted taillight and accused of smoking weed on the tour , one of the rapper’s associates reportedly pulled out a physical copy of the U.S. Constitution to remind officers of their group’s civil rights.

That is almost always a great plan, though there was one very serious flaw in this instance: actually smelled marijuana on the bus and even reportedly saw smoke, giving them the probable cause they needed to obtain a warrant and search the tour bus.

People won’t know their rights if you don’t teach them their rights. Don’t think it isn’t designed that way.