This post on me by Drudge was actually a flashback to the previous time this had been a story.

Back in the 2008 presidential campaign, I was still¬†hosting on KXNT in Las Vegas. I have had a few run-ins with over the years. In this one, he implies I’m a for bringing up then Sen. Obama’s ties to , the former executive at Fannie Mae.


Obama was tied to Raines back then, and had reached out to him on economic issues. While there was a chain mail letter going around that falsely listed Raines as a ‘Chief Economic Adviser’ to the Obama campaign, Obama did, in fact, reach out to Raines for some economic advice.

me on drudge

The problem with that was that Raines had been ousted as Fannie Mae CEO in 2004 after there were major accounting discrepancies discovered. Raines is listed as one of the 25 people responsible for the financial crisis that we are still dealing with today. ¬†That made my question about Raines’ ties to Obama legitimate after Harry Reid had just attacked McCain over the Keating Five scandal.

In true Harry Reid fashion, he lied about Obama not having a single lobbyist working for him (maybe not working for, but certainly working with), and then implied I only brought Raines up because of his race. Funny thing is, at the time, I’d never actually seen a picture of Raines, and didn’t know he was black. I don’t get my from picture books.

Typical liberal … lie, then use the race card … enjoy.