Report: Obama’s Aides Freaked Over Possible Rev. Wright-Themed Attack Ads

Obama’s aides freak over possible Rev. Wright-themed attack ads
By Neil Munro – The Daily Caller

Top Democratic strategists have reacted quickly to stop a proposed $10 million advertising campaign that would highlight the relationship between President Barack Obama and his old Chicago pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Plans for the potential ad campaign were revealed this morning by the New York Times.

“Stunning! Will Mitt stand up, as [Sen.] John McCain did? Or allow the purveyors of slime to operate on his behalf?” claimed a 5.42 a.m. tweet from David Axelrod, the senior strategic at Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago.

The proposed advertising is a “hateful campaign being planned by GOP super PACs,” claimed Bill Burton, who runs a Democratic “super PAC” political action committee, dubbed Priorities USA Action, that is itself designed to run negative ads against Gov. Mitt Romney.

The Wright-focused advertising campaign is being designed by campaign ad guru Fred Davis, and was commissioned by Joe Ricketts, who founded the brokerage firm TD Ameritrade, according to the May 17 article in the New York Times.

“The world is about to see Jeremiah Wright and understand his influence on Barack Obama for the first time in a big, attention-arresting way,” says the proposal, according to the Times.

Burton’s tweet came at 5.58 a.m. — some 16 minutes after the alert from Axelrod, who has worked in Chicago politics for decades.