Report: Tiger Released By Putin Filmed Devouring Dog

A tiger released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin has been filmed eating a pet dog.

The tiger reportedly swam across a river in remote Siberia to reach China, where it went on a feeding frenzy. The tiger killed goats and other livestock devoured five chickens, according to the Siberian Times.

Now the International Business Times reports that the Siberian large cat was captured on an infrared camera and filmed for two hours, according to China Central Television. In the video, the 19-month-old big cat named Kuzya stands over a dead dog in what looks like a snowy roadway. He can be seen gnawing at the pet dog before walking off.

The Siberian tiger was one of three released by Putin in eastern Russia. The animals are wearing GPS collars so they can be tracked. Since Kuzya cross into China, Chinese officials have been monitoring the animal’s movements.

The IBT said claims that the tiger has eaten livestock were denied by Yevgeny Simonov, coordinator of the international coalition Rivers Without Borders:

‘Only dung and remains of boars that he killed have been found. Also, Kuzya did not eat any cow, dog or human.’

There are fears that Kuzya could attack humans if it cannot find enough food.

‘China is a densely populated place and the likelihood of meeting people here is great. There is a risk that, not finding places with food, Kuzya can attack humans,’ said Simonov. ‘Or it might get stuck in a trapping net placed in the surrounding area to catch deer and wild boars.’

There are reportedly fewer than 500 Siberian tiger left in the wild.


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