Right-To-Life Group Will March In St. Patrick's Day Parade

On Tuesday, National Catholic Register reported that a pro-life group will be allowed to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade despite the parade committee’s previous rejection of such groups.

Elizabeth Rex, President and co-founder of The Children First Foundation, recently received a letter from the parade committee saying that it will be allowing a pro-life group, but it did not say which group or what their banner will say. Despite the ambiguity, the letter did, however, say that the unnamed pro-life group will be led by a fourth-degree Knights of Columbus honor guard and that New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan has been “made aware” of the decision.

Last year, controversy erupted when the St. Patrick’s Day parade committee elected to have Out@NBC Universal — a pro-homosexual group of NBC employees — march in the parade after nearly 20 years of lobbying by LGBT activists. While New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan approved the parade committee’s decision, electing to stay on as the parade’s Grand Marshal, many faithful Catholics felt the committee had dubious intentions given that they denied to let pro-life groups march as well. Shortly after news broke of the decision, Catholic League President Bill Donohue announced that his organization would no longer be participating in the parade, saying the committee had previously promised him that pro-life groups would be permitted before reneging on their word, something he described as “indefensible.”

Though Elizabeth Rex appreciates the committee allowing a pro-life group to march, she finds it somewhat disturbing how difficult it has been to get a pro-life group to march in a parade about a Catholic saint in the first place.

“I found it very disturbing that a door had been opened for a gay group and then slammed in the face of a right-to-life group,” said Rex. “They have stonewalled us since September. You cannot stifle pro-life Catholics.”


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