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Robber With AK-47 Shot By Waffle House Customer – ARMED CITIZEN REPORT

So much for the false anti- argument of someone being ‘outgunned’ by a rifle when you only have a handgun.

Customers told police that the man had come into the restaurant, armed with an , and robbed numerous people as well as the business.

One customer, who was legally carrying a concealed handgun, followed the robber into the parking lot because he was afraid for the safety of his wife, who was on her way to the .

The customer called out to the robber, who turned and pointed the rifle at him, police said. The customer then shot the robber several times.

The suspect, who police later identified as 26-year-old Antione Devon Cooper of Dallas, was taken to a hospital, where he is on life support.

Police said the customer was not arrested.

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Story courtesy of Anna Maria Hoffman (@AM_Hoffman) & NRA News (@NRANews)

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