Robotic Platform Keeps Ball Perfectly Balanced In Center

Robotic Platform Keeps Ball Perfectly Balanced In Center


Seen here interviewing for a job at the circus after all the ball-balancing bears ran away, this is a video of an automated platform that can keep a ball bearing perfectly balanced in the middle, despite the interviewer’s lackluster efforts to knock it off. Not to brag or anything, but I know for a fact I could knock that ball off. Especially with a hammer. The platform is also programmed to be able to roll the ball around its surface in predetermined patterns. Honestly, I thought the best thing about the video was the way the robot freaked out every time the ball was taken away. You could tell it’s suffering. That brought me great joy.

Hit the jump for the video. Hit the robot with a bat to win my good graces.

Thanks to ringmaster Danny, who agreed to let the robot join the circus under the condition it has to room with frogboy, and frogboy is weird.


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