Rome Approves Red Light District — to Protect Prostitutes

Top officials in Rome have approved creation of a special zone in the ancient city just for prostitutes.

Prostitution is legal in Italy, but the officials want to shield prostitutes from “exploitation and families from embarrassment,” according to the Associated Press, adding: 

City officials in the EUR neighborhood, filled with ministries, office high-rises and residential blocks, want to designate certain streets for prostitutes, starting experimentally in April.

Mayor Ignazio Marino told state TV Sunday the aim is to ‘find a balance’ by pinpointing places, such as parks frequented by children and families, where prostitution won’t be allowed — and designating some streets where it will.

The neighborhood that will soon be teeming with prostitutes is just south of the city’s historic center. 

The Guardian newspaper said prostitutes will face up to €500 ($565) fines if they are caught plying their wares outside the permitted area. The paper also said: 

‘Eur is already the city’s red light district with more than 20 streets under siege day and night,’ she told La Repubblica. ‘There are streets for transvestites, streets for very young girls, streets for male prostitution. Us residents need a bit of peace.’


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