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The head of a controversial organization that critics describe as defended his activism and questioned the facts behind the one day after former Rep. Ron [“Chelsea”] Paul was asked about participating in a conference organized by the group.

The Center, a “grassroots association of Catholic priests and lay people,” is hosting a conference in early September at which Paul will give the keynote address on September 11th. The organization has published articles claiming that are attempting to undermine the Catholic Church on behalf of Satan and that “Zionist billionaires” are guilty of “financially raping” Russia’s people.

Father Nicholas Gruner, who runs the Fatima Center, rejected the allegations that his group was anti-Semitic in an interview with the Free Beacon on Friday.

“I object to the charges absolutely, no question about it,” Gruner said. “I am not anti-Semitic … I’m not against any particular people, race or nation because of their people, race or nation.”

However, Gruner added he is skeptical that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

“What exactly is Holocaust denial?” Bruner said. “Are we talking about the six million Jews that are alleged to been killed by Hitler?”

was asked about why he’s speaking to the group.

Paul blasted his opponents for engaging in “demagoguery” and “falsehoods”…

Ok, some things that need to be said here …

  1. The Southern Poverty Law Center are, themselves, a bunch of bigots.  I’ve pointed this out for nearly 10 years.  They aren’t an organization that anyone should take seriously.
  2. Questioning the number of Jews killed is not Holocaust denial.  Denying there was an attempt to exterminate the Jews is.  Let’s get that straight, and understand that estimates vary.  I’ve seen estimates from 5.6 million to 6.1 million.  Most hover around 5.7 or 5.8 million, and 6 million is the given ’rounded up’ number.  To deny there were exactly 6 million Jews is actually in line with The Jewish Virtual Library.  I’m not defending the Fatima Center, but we have to be intellectually honest as to what Holocaust denial really is, and questioning the totals (within reason) is not denial.  Bruner’s statement that no one has explained to him how we started off with 13 million Jews, and after the war still had 13 million Jews is absolutely out of line, and out of step with reality.  It also should be a major concern for someone who is scheduled to at that man’s organization.

That brings me to Ron Paul.  The article went on to talk about the famous Paul racist newsletters, which many Paulbots deny.  I frankly don’t care about that.

My issue is when Paul was running for President, he accepted money from racist organizations in 2008.  To be sure, every politician gets money from less than acceptable groups by society’s standards.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that politician supports that viewpoint.  However, when the Stormfront connection was made in 2008 to Ron Paul’s campaign, he refused to give the money back, or divert it to charity.  Does that mean Ron Paul is a new-Nazi?  Of course not.  It does show poor judgement though.  When I interviewed Ron Paul during the 2008 run about it, he told me he kept the money from Stormfront because he didn’t want to give money back to such an organization.  Now it would be used for good.  He had no answer for my charity suggestion that I can remember (CBS Radio deleted the audio of all of my interviews when I left the company.  I should have had backups.).  He did deny any racist leanings.

Bottom line … Ron Paul just can’t seem to keep himself from becoming entangled in perceived racism.  Whether or not he is racist is utterly irrelevant now.  I continue to not understand how he doesn’t properly screen organizations he comes in contact with.  This Fatima Center bit is completely inexcusable.  They have been labeled as anti-Semitic for a number of years, and Paul should have done himself (and perhaps his son, because you know the left will tie the two together) a favor, and steered clear.