Ruh Roh! 3D Printed Gun Gets Better, And You Can Print Ammo At Home Now

Someone took Defense Distributed’s ‘Liberator’ design, and modified it slightly. The new design uses metal screws instead of printed plastic pins, and it has a rifled barrel. It fires .38 caliber bullets, and it did it multiple times. It only costs about $25 to make yourself.

The £16 gun: Plastic firearm you can make at home from household items is created by 3D printer | Mail Online


I’d ignore the Daily Mail’s stunt to get the gun through security onto a train. Of course plastic wont set off a metal detector, but it’s disingenuous to leave out the firing pin, and ammo. It also doesn’t account for new Backscatter technology.

Then there’s this …

Is this the first 3D-printed BULLET? YouTube video shows homemade ammunition fired | Mail Online

Obviously, shotgun ammo will be easier than other ammo, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The airsoft crowd has got to be excited about this.