Rush: The EIB Network was started with private equity. One man’s money started the EIB Network. A man by the name of Ed McLaughlin, who was the former president of the ABC Radio Networks, who retired when Capital Cities merged with (and essentially took over) ABC. Ed was one of the ABC execs that went off on his own and in his package when he left, they gave him two hours of satellite time from noon to two to fill as he chose. That’s one of the forms of compensation. And then, using his own money, he built this network. He was the founder.


We expanded the pie. But not once did any of us say our purpose is to create jobs, but we did, with massive growth. (interruption) Why are you frowning, Snerdley? Is this hard to understand? (interruption) I have created more jobs than Obama and Romney put together — damn right! — and for a longer period, for 23 years. I have a greater record of job creation than Romney or Obama. And in the process of creating all those jobs, I still have mine. I did not cannibalize myself.