Russia-Ukraine War Still Raging, Obama Sanctions Failing

Showing drone footage over the demolished city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, CNN’s Jim Sciutto declared on Sunday’s State of the Union¬†that the area is a war zone and said the proof lies in the destruction, the deaths and the presence of Russian ground troops.

The assertion spawned a question for his guest, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) of the Foreign Relations Committee: “Is the Obama administration policy failing, with regards to Russia and Ukraine?”

President Obama has long stated that economic sanctions placed on Russia would lead to de-escalation, yet what is happening is obvious escalation.

In answer to Sciutto’s query, Sen. Murphy explained that his stance has changed since the beginning of this conflict. While at first he aligned with the president on economic sanctions, he now believes that those sanctions are not solving anything and feels that it is time for the administration to try a different approach, namely sending munitions to the Ukrainians. The senator indicated that he has been urging the president to do so for some time now.

Stating the administration should start looking at “more serious levels” of support for Ukraine, Murphy said:

Ultimately, the United States is not going to fight a proxy war against Russia inside eastern Ukraine. And so long as the United States is not fighting that war, the Ukrainian army, which has been undermined over the last 10 years by corrupt generals, will be at a disadvantage against an invading Russian army, or Russian supported army. But I have come to the point where I believe, now, that the United States needs to start sending more significant military assistance to the Ukraine. That was not a position I held initially in this debate and I’ve been pressing the administration to support that view.¬†


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