Scarborough: 'Ultrafundamentalist Christians Who Believe Every Word of the Bible Could Lead to Some Violence'

On Monday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough suggested that having a literal interpretation of the Bible could lead Christians to violence in a similar manner as radical Islam. Oddly enough, Scarborough hoped to avoid being “torn to shreds online” by equating the two, but made the comparison anyway.

The morning’s panel centered on the violence of ISIS and its undeniable ties to the tenets of Islam, but Scarborough felt compelled to find a link between Islam and Christianity. He said:

A very crude way to put it is, this would be the ultrafundamentalist Christians who believe every single word of the Bible has to be interpreted in the exact ways which could also lead to some violence.

After making this comment, Scarborough insisted that he was not attempting to compare religions and added that no matter what the particular faith may be, “a more fundamentalist, a more stripped down raw version, a more liberal reading of the scripture will be more likely to attract the broken, the disillusioned, the outcasts of society…sometimes for better, in this case, for much worse.”

Scarborough is not alone on the left in comparing Christianity and Islam. Voices are currently raised in unison in the media chiding those, in President Obama’s own words, who are getting up on their “high horse” in believing that the religion of Islam alone is capable of terrorism.

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