Sen. Murphy: Democrats Should Rush To Stand On The Graves Of Murder Victims ‘Within An Hour’ Of Occurrence

I'm glad your loved one died. Now I can exploit them.

Anti-Constitutional liberals love standing on the graves of the dead immediately after they lose thier lives. It's a pasttime for them. It's sport.

They've always denied it, but now they are embracing their disrespect of victims for political gain openly, and without shame. 

They will continue to lie about an issue in the name of murder victims to advance a false narrative.

In an interview published September 28, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said there is nothing wrong with politicizing mass shootings and even indicated such politicization should begin “within an hour” of such a heinous incident.

He said he made a mistake by waiting too long after the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary and he vowed that he would not wait again before pushing .

Of course, if you jump to conclusions about a radical Muslim jihadi doing what radical Muslim jihadis do, you will be labeled a bigot by this moron.

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